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 Diagnosing HCV
A Tremendous Gap Exists in Diagnosing HCV and Linking Patients to Care

“All persons recommended for HCV testing should first be tested for HCV antibody (anti-HCV) using an FDA approved test. FDA-approved tests include laboratory-based assays and a point-of-care assay (ie, OraQuick® HCV Rapid Antibody Test [OraSure Technologies]).”
– AASLD Summary of Recommendations for Testing and Linkage to Care

Both the CDC and AASLD have issued new screening guidelines in an effort to identify these HCV positive people before it's too late. Click here to see all the updated recommendations for improving testing rates.

Start identifying HCV patients within your practice now. Effective intervention begins with detection.

OraQuick HCV Rapid Antibody Test: The First and Only FDA-Approved Rapid HCV Test enables you to deliver a lab accurate diagnosis in 20 minutes to your patients. OraQuick HCV is CLIA-waived for point-of-care testing to help ensure that your patients receive their test results during the same visit and allow you to facilitate linkage to supplemental testing and to care if needed.

The OraQuick Test is a simple 3 step procedure performed on a fingerstick specimen.

OraQuick® Demonstration Video

OraQuick is clinically proven performance comparable to laboratory accuracy, proven>98% accurate

OraQuick HCV Antibody Test was able to detect antibodies to HCV earlier than EIA in 9 of 18 seroconversion panels – overall diagnosing patients and average 3.6 days earlier than lab testing.4