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 Point-of-Care Testing
Why Use Point-of-Care Testing in Your Practice?

Accurate, Simple, Fast Results Identify More Positive Patients 

Reliable results
with 98% accuracy
3 easy steps,
Results in 20 minutes for immediate linkage to care


Delivery of more positive test results are connected to patients with rapid testing compared to lab-based testing.

ln the 2010 CDC Funded-Site Report, 98% of HIV+ rapid results were received by patients compared to only 47.2% of HIV+ results performed by non-rapid (lab-based) testing.5 Rapid testing ensures that more people receive their test results.

Personalized Support Programs To Help Link Your Patients to Care

Ask your patients to opt in and join a personalized patient support program.


A New Era of Drug Treatments Deliver Higher Cure Rates

With the advent of a new and powerful group of oral drugs called directly acting antiviral agents (DAAs), patients now have the opportunity for a high cure rate for a disease that used to involve lengthy treatments with injectable drugs with potentially serious side effects.

Reference: Adapted from the US Food and Drug Administration, Antiviral Drugs Advisory Committee Meeting, April 27-28, 2011, Silver Springs, MD.


With OraQuick® HCV Rapid Antibody Test -

Test More Patients, Identify More Positives and Link More Patients to Care